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Product Insight: Laminated Triple Thread Glass

Every now and then a client comes along with an idea that challenges all aspects of design and production and this was one of those projects.

An American Cruise ship company enlisted the help of Specialist Glass to create a translucent glazing package for a seating area on one of their luxurious cruise ships. The glass had to be designed in such a way that light could easily pass through but give passengers on both sides of the glass privacy whilst also being aesthetically pleasing and in line with the elegance associated with the company’s brand ethos, a challenging project to say the least!

But as with all projects specialist glass take on challenges were faced head on and our experienced team delivered in fine fashion with the end product speaking for itself.

The Triple thread interlayer met the client’s vision and provided a stylish, original solution. Let Specialist Glass bring your next project vision to life!

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