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I didn't realise the choice and combinations of finish available until I met with Specialist Glass
Specialist Glass

Keeping you informed of the latest innovations in glass

Visit our showroom or meet one of our experts to find out what we can do with printed glass, laminated glass with tinted or white translucent interlayer, acid etched glass, texture glass, fully opaque glass, enamelled glass, mirrors and reflective spandrel panels.

Specialist Glass

Strive to meet the creative challenge

Our commitment to the perfect delivery ethos means that from concept to completion our team will take a hands on approach to make your vision a reality.

Specialist Glass

Limitless options that let you set the trend

The ability to control key design elements within our production operation gives our clients unparalleled versatility and limitless design possibilities

Specialist Glass

Helping you push your Creative Boundaries

We aim to be the industry leader in bespoke, innovative, high performance glass and glazing solutions. Where possible we contribute to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically in all aspects of production.

Specialist Glass

Collaboration at a Higher Level

Specialist Glass will collaborate with you to create the decorative glass your project requires. We believe there are no limitations or boundaries, so don’t comprise on your creative vision.

Specialist Glass

Crafted to meet your Design Specifications

Specialist Glass continue to invest in state of the art machinery ensuring our specialist finishers work with the latest technologies and processing techniques to produce high quality architectural glazing products with endless design and finish options.