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Specialist Glass Brand Walls, putting your corporate image at centre stage!

Office branding is a great way to display your company’s values and beliefs but is also important to your employees and staff. A consistent brand image brings with it an increased level of loyalty and pride to anyone within or visiting your workplace. It will also help to brighten and modernise your office space creating an inviting and fun ambience.

Use your brand wisely! Your wall should be adapted to suit its environment, for example in client and front of house areas you might want your brand to take centre stage but within staff areas they should be more subtle.

Don’t get too flashy! When it comes to branding often less is more!

Our expert design team will help to create a one off bespoke showpiece that will become the centre point of your office whilst reinforcing your core values. The versatility of our glass means that your vision is only limited by the imagination, from basic printed laminates to frosted or even magnetic back painted glass we can provide the perfect solution for any workplace.


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